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      1. 佛山市寶林化工實業有限公司

        Foshan Baolin Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

        The Usage Of Terpene Phenolic Resin

        Terpene phenolic resin is a type of excellent tackifier with high performance at strong & lasting viscosity, instant adhesion, thermostability and cold-stability. Softening point is very suitable, with the spring and summer and autumn and winter to adapt to the role of strong, very uniform color, in line with the special requirements of various types of adhesives, mild odor, non-toxic substances. Terpene Phenolic Resin can be widely used in many fields as follow:

        1. Pressure acrylic adhesive: acrylic adhesive, rosin resin adhesive, phenolic resin adhesive.

        2. Hot-melt adhesives: furniture Edge hot-melt adhesives, carton hot-melt adhesives, printing and packaging hot-melt adhesives, plastic bags.

        3. Glue: Sealant glue, make-up glue, construction glue, office glue, etc.

        4. Pressure-sensitive adhesive materials: sanitary napkins pressure-sensitive adhesive, shoe pressure-sensitive adhesive, aerospace pressure-sensitive adhesive, high temperature pressure-sensitive adhesive tape.

        5. Universal glue adhesive: sealing glue, paper paste glue, slow Ganjiao, notes, such as plastic.

        6. Other adhesives: high-temperature tape, electronic tape, white latex, ship repair plastic and so on.

        7. Rubber: tire explosion-proof adhesives, rubber products, adhesives, neoprene adhesive.

        8. Plastic: PP plastic, general plastic, plastic pipe, PET plastic.

        9. primer coating: printing coatings, UV coatings, resin coatings, decorative coatings, etc.

        10. Printing ink: printing inks, adhesive type ink, paper with ink.

        11. Fine chemicals: flux, metalworking fluids, cutting fluid, wire cutting fluid and so on.

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