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      1. 佛山市寶林化工實業有限公司

        Foshan Baolin Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

        Classification and Analysis of Tackifier Resin for Adhesive Products

        The tackifier resin is a kind of material which can increase the adhesion of the adhesive to the surface of the material to be adhered and improve the adhesion, such as resin, rubber, higher fatty alcohol, resin emulsion, inorganic salt and so on. The tackifier resin (增粘樹脂) can reduce the surface tension of the adhesive and improve the wetting of the adherend Capacity; increase the viscoelasticity of polar adhesives; through the surface diffusion retention period; reduce the viscosity of the adhesive, increase the permeability and improve processability.

        Many varieties of tackifier, in accordance with the source is divided into natural tackifier and synthetic tackifier, adhesive tackifier is divided into the following categories:

        1. Rosin and its modified products (rosin, hydrogenated rosin, polymerized rosin, male rosin, rosin glycerin, rosin modified phenolic resin, etc.)
        2. Terpene-based resin (terpene resin, terpene-phenol resin, terpene-styrene resin, terpene-phenolic resin)
        3. Petroleum resin (C5 petroleum resin, C9 resin, bicyclic ronadiene petroleum resin, hydrogenated petroleum resin, styrene-terpene resin)
        4. Phenolic base phenolic resin
        5. Poly-methylstyrene resin
        6. ketone aldehyde resin
        7. Xylene formaldehyde resin
        8. Cashew oil modified phenolic resin
        9. Tall oil modified phenolic resin
        10. Rubber
        11. Resin emulsion (rosin emulsion, TPR water based resin (增粘乳液), 2402 resin emulsion, petroleum resin emulsion)

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